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Joe Biden Shares How He Has Dealt With Stuttering

In a recent town hall meeting U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden opens up about his history with stuttering.  While this isn't the first time he's opened up about this, it is however, now more in the limelight given his presidential candidacy. 

If you stutter or stammer and believe in your heart that you have greatness within, what advice does Joe Biden have for you?  

Here are three major points Biden makes in his response I believe are worth highlighting. 

1. He...

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How Michael Williams, Pro90d Founder, Produces 1 Audio Course per Week Using Soundwise -

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In this article,  How Michael Williams Produces 1 Audio Course per Week Using Soundwise, Soundwise explains how I use Soundwise to create content.  If this is something you're interested in doing this would be an excellent resource to check out. 

Here's snippet of that article, but you can read the entire article by clicking the link above or below this article. 

Online education is big business; from eBooks to video courses, and audio courses, there are a ton of ways to...

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Best Stuttering Treatment 2019 for Adults

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Here's Why the Very Best Stuttering Treatment In 2019 for Adults Who Are Professionals Is the Pro90d Smooth Speech System

There are many stammering or stuttering treatment options out there.  Many have very impressive credentials, super star support, and solid statistical data to back up their organizational claims.  In addition, some even make promises or elude to promised results.  

Pro90d has an entirely different approach and focus.  Here are two important...

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