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"Where Stuttering Stops and Smooth Speech Begins"


Register for the Pro90d Smooth Speech BootCamp


Do You Struggle With...

  • Situational Stuttering?
  • Fear of stuttering?
  • Anticipation and anxiousness?
  • Avoidance of certain professional or social situations?
  • Negative and destructive thinking about your speech?
  • Inconsistent results?

If You Have to: 

  • Provide updates in meetings.
  • Participate in or lead teleconference calls.
  • Give presentations.
  • Conduct sales calls.
  • Speak with clients or patients on a regular basis.

Then this bootcamp is perfect for you. 

This bootcamp is a great introduction to and actual taste of our Private Speech & Presentation Coaching. 

So if you've been considering Private Coaching this is an excellent first step. 

In This BootCamp You Will Learn:


  • How your mindset determines you calmness, confidence and smoothness, and a 5 step practical solution to change it.  
  • How to use THIS scientifically-based secret to creating long-term changes to your speech and mindset. 
  • How to use the Pro90d Daily Practice Routine so you can rewire your brain for smooth and confident speech. 

We Will: 


  • Practice the 7x7x7 breathing exercise for relaxation and greater control over your airflow. 
  • Practice the Free-Flow Speaking Exercise so you can maintain consistent airflow and speak without anticipation words. 
  • Practice modeling so you can experience what it's like to feel confident and speak smoothly without using techniques.
  • Review your personal plan for long-term speaking success so you know exactly what to do every day to transform your speech. 
    What You Will Receive: 



Complete Access to the entire Prerequisite Training Provided to our coaching clients. 

This includes...

  • How to Achieve Success on Your Smooth Speech Journey
  • How to Guarantee Your Success
  • How to Make Mental Success Movies
  • How to Retrain Your Brain (6 sessions)
  • The Power of Smooth Speech Self-Talk (3 sessions)
  • The Link Between Self-Confidence and Stuttering
  • The PDF, Video and Audio Daily Practice Routine Package

Register now because this bootcamp has a very strict limit of 10 people so that I can give personalized attention to every participant.   



Complete Access to the Audio and Video Training Series: "How to Practice Modeling"

This includes...

  • The Practice of Creating Habits
  • An Introduction to Modeling
  • How to Exactly Do You Practice Modeling
  • How to Model Every Time You Speak
  • Use the Mini-Habits Strategy to Step Into Immersion

Register now because this bootcamp has a very strict limit of 10 people so that I can give personalized attention to every participant.   

What They Say About Our BootCamps


“I reached out to Michael about 6 months ago to improve my speech. I had some situational stuttering, especially in high pressure situations.
Because of my job, I had to present in front of people quite often. Before I met Michael I used to be very stressed out about those speaking situations, even several weeks before the events. Also, I was trying to avoid those situations, despite my role required public speaking and/or present in front of large groups of people.

I decided it was time to work with someone who could help me out not only to stop the stuttering in high pressure situations, but also to become a great speaker.

The Pro90d system is working quite well: my public speaking became really good, I have a lot of confidence while speaking, I see the audience engaged, and, even more importantly, I started liking speaking in public.

I think the key of Michael’s program is modeling. Modeling a great speaker like Michael really helps improving anyone’s speech.”



“"Attending the Free Flow Speaking BootCamp was very helpful for me. Mr. Williams' attitude was very patient, understanding and accommodating. Since childhood, I had developed a very weird breathing pattern, but this is the first thing that the BootCamp fixed.

As a result, I feel very calm and relaxed while speaking. My thoughts are more clear and I personally feel that I can communicate more effectively than before.

Another major thing that I learned from this bootcamp is extending and blending the words as you speak so as to sound more natural instead of speaking with blocks and interruptions. It's easier to speak if you concentrate more on the airflow rather than the words that are about to come out of your mouth.I was amazed at the results that I achieved from the bootcamp.

For the first time in my whole life I spoke 4-5 phrases in front of several strangers without stuttering. I'm very optimistic about the way this bootcamp has altered my speaking style and I'm 100% sure that if I keep practicing this, I'll surely overcome stammering in no time.

As a matter of fact, I'm already considering buying the private laser focused coaching to completely eradicate my stuttering." ”


“So the Free-Flow Speaking Exercise really helped take away focus from the words I'm going to say and helped me focus on breathing and relaxation. All of this really helps improve fluency.”

What Happens After I Register? 

After you register you will receive: 

  • A confirmation email with a link to join the bootcamp.  
  • Since the bootcamp will be conducted as a video conference, please be sure you have solid connection and a video and voice-enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).  

Should you decide to work with me one-on-one within 30 days,
I'll give you a 100% credit
for this bootcamp!