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Using These 7 Steps

Do you feel anxious before and while speaking? Do you anticipate words that you "know" you're going to struggle with? Do speak too fast and choppy? 

If you have a hard time:
  • Getting started speaking,
  • Maintaining airflow while speaking,
  • Feel rushed,
  • Speak too fast,
  • Speak in a choppy manner and,
  • Can't seem to say what you want to say,
then this series could literally change your life.

"This series is so great. There are two points that greatly assisted me in changing my mindset. This is life changing and permanent marks in one's speech. Thank you so much, Mr. Michael Williams!"

When you're able to speak with confidence, you'll get better jobs, more promotions, enjoy conversations and just feel better about yourself.

You'll be able to:
  1. Say what you want, when you want with confidence and ease.
  2. Make more persuasive arguments.
  3. Feel more relaxed, cool and calm in social situations.

This means people will love speaking with you, listening to and respecting you more,
and be willing to follow your lead.

What You'll Learn?
  1. How to relax, reduce anxiety, and take your time no matter what.
  2. How to get started speaking easier.
  3. How to maintain constant airflow while speaking.
  4. How to make speaking easier and more natural.
  5. How to create a daily routine to help you transform this information in habit.
BONUS #1: Once you register you will begin receiving (1) one email every other day for about 14 days with a summary and a link to the session for that day.

BONUS #2: Get access to the Mental Trainer Passive Learning Power Program
This audio-only program takes full advantage of passive learning technology, so all you need to do is sit back and listen to a series of audio clips once a day.  Naturally – and automatically – learn what is necessary to transform your beliefs and behaviors about your speech.

"The Passive Learning Program is truly awesome. It is a very strong and powerful tool to build up the self-confidence and create a new speaking style. Trust me, if you listen to this program, people will listen to you." --S.G.

"I consider "Step 5" to be the one of the most effective and engaging sessions in the series.  If you have not listened to Step 1 of the "7 Steps For Clear & Confident Speech" series By Michael Williams, you need to contact him and get a copy. This step is GOLDEN."

You've got absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by watching and apply what you learn in this series. Everything, and I mean everything in this entire series is backed by real-life, practical experience. Meaning this is not theoretical. It's practical. People just like you are using these tools every day. In fact, these are the exact tools I use to coach my Private Smooth Speech & Presentation Coaching clients.

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Who Is This For?

This is for you ONLY if you...

  • Have interviews or exams coming up soon
  • Have to speak with clients on a regular basis
  • Need to make presentations or give talks
  • Need to participate in or facilitate meetings
  • Have a strong desire to become an excellent speaker


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